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Application knowledge of activated carbon is popul
Release time:2017-09-22 Sources:WADE company
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Coconut shell activated carbon produced in tube furnace carbon more common every 30-40 minutes unloading time, feeding time, superheated steam in heating room overheating to 300-300 degrees Celsius, by activation of the upper tube into the steam pipe import as activator, with charcoal base, by the contact with the carbon from time to time, and a series of reaction, the generated water gas into the cooling section, together with the coconut shell activated carbon separation in gas separation device, sent to activate the outside of the tube in the chamber of a stove or furnace combustion heat, maintaining furnace temperature, can produce coconut shell activated carbon activation reaction heat required.
Coconut shell activated carbon produced in much of the high temperature tube furnace carbon activation furnace temperature control during the 950-1050 degrees Celsius, going into the activation tube steam gage pressure of 0.15-0200000 mpa, measure the steam consumption for 6-8 times the amount of coconut shell activated carbon.
The chimney gate can be used to control furnace temperature.
It is well known that coconut shell activated carbon is a developed pore structure, which has a large ratio of surface area and adsorption capacity of activated carbon.
The surface area of each activated carbon is over 1500 square meters.
Activated carbon has many types, according to the different raw materials, can be divided into plant material, carbon carbon coal oil carbon, bones, blood carbon, etc., according to the manufacturing method of gas activation methods can be divided into carbon, the physical activation method of carbon, carbon, chemical activation method or chemical method of activated carbon, chemical - physical law of activated carbon, according to the appearance shape can be divided into powder activated carbon, not stereotypes granular activated carbon, finalize the design of granular activated carbon, carbon ball, fibrous carbon, carbon fiber fabric;
The use of coconut shell activated carbon can be divided into gas adsorption carbon, liquid phase adsorption carbon, carbon sugar charcoal, industrial carbon, catalyst and catalyst carrier carbon, etc.
The adsorption property of activated carbon, its catalytic properties, is insoluble in water and other solvents, and its physical and chemical stability.
In addition to high temperature oxygen, ozone, chlorine, contact reaction, if you use dichromate oxidation, it will be very stable under the actual conditions.
Activated carbon is a good characteristic of adsorbent, so active carbon is widely used in various fields.
Most of China's activated carbon is used in glucose, monosodium glutamate production and medicine, and it is not widely used as catalyst and catalyst in environmental protection.
The prospect of coconut shell activated carbon market should not be underestimated. All the manufacturers of activated carbon want to get a piece of the market by their products.
Opportunities and challenges exist side by side, manufacturers should adjust their own development policy, follow the direction of the quasi-market, find the best way for their development, and can be established in the market.