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Air purification activated carbon

Air purification activated carbon is a kind of active carbon. Is of high quality activated carbon through special processing, is used to purify the polluted air. Only high hardness, high strength, pore of microporous activated carbon can be as air purification charcoal. The nut, coal can be air purifying carbon materials. The nut shell charcoal works best.

Wade Air purification activated carbon   Wade Air purification activated carbon.

Air purification activated carbon production process:

1, carbonization, with shells coking oven after preheating section, enter the coking heating period of 450-450 degrees, provides combustion-supporting air, don't need to be with other fuels. Then enter the cooling period of cooling. Carbonized exhaust don't pollute the environment. The structure of the carbon is the hexagonal graphite form crystallite.

2, activation: with gas activation method was carried out on the nut shell charcoal activation treatment, usually with activated carbon activation furnace with steam and flue gas generated in the process of activation as activator together to complete the activation process. Activation requires about 850-950 degrees high temperatures, 10 atmospheres.

Activation function: to clear jams tar impurities in the carbon clearance. Selective activation reaction with carbon on the surface of the carbon atoms, generate new space. Surfactant and the reaction activation on the surface of the carbon atom, make pore size bigger.

3, through technology segment aperture, catalyst molecules coating processing, enhance the purification ability of harmful substance in the air.

The world recognized: activated carbon for "universal adsorbent," expert clew: activated carbon adsorption removal of indoor pollution is currently the most widely used, the most mature, the safest, most reliable effect, and absorbing material most types of a method. Activated carbon as a kind of excellent physical and chemical adsorbent, more and more get people's attention. Efficient name sheng environmental protection can activated carbon adsorption in the air such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, xylene, radon all indoor harmful gas molecules, decorate quickly eliminate peculiar smell, even adjust space humidity, to the bedroom furniture, wardrobe, bookcase, shoecase, shoes, refrigerator, bathroom, floor, tanks, cars, air conditioners, computers, office, hotel and entertainment places, have very good effect, it is the bane of formaldehyde, anti-virus experts.

Air purification activated carbon

Air purification activated carbon:

1, even if is again good to activate carbon products, air purification, the person in a closed indoor time is too long, also easy to cause some disorders. For users, to pay attention to open a window ventilated, often pay more attention to physical exercise at ordinary times.

2, the dosage of, in principle is the more the better, use the more the greater the adsorption of harmful gas, especially families with elderly or pregnant women children more to use! But should consider the most suitable air purification from the aspects of economic coal consumption.

3, formaldehyde emission increases with the rise of temperature and humidity. In the humid weather, that is, using the activated carbon, the indoor formaldehyde concentration at this time will be a rebound, but don't worry, air purification activated carbon would be its adsorption in a few days back to normal.

Air purification activated carbon purchase information:

The greater the weight, volume 1, the same is stronger adsorption ability

If you want to improve the adsorption performance of activated carbon, only as much as possible in producing activated carbon pore structure, porosity, the more the degeneration the activated carbon, relative density and the more light, so the good feel is comparatively light, and will be activated carbon under the condition of the same weight packaging, performance